A busy, bustling place, the village of Wellswood stands halfway between Fallcrest and Winterhaven as well as near the juncture of The King’s Road and Gardmore Road (which leads to Gardmore Abbey. Here, travelers and traders shake the mud of the road from their feet and find shelter from their journeys. And although Wellswood is famed for the warm welcome travelers find in its taprooms and businesses the village is well known for another reason entirely. For Wellswood is aptly named, indeed. Many wells—both natural and dwarf-made—dot the village. Far below lies Lake Thraren, a large subterranean lake navigable in parts and fished for the many exotic fish swimming therein. A small clan of dwarves—the Erdikr—dwells upon the lake’s ebon shores. Nominal servants, or at least allies, of Lord Issakainen they permit few outsiders to visit their lightless home.

The actual residents of Wellswood are few but due to its location, it has many taverns and inns as well as other services which provide for travelers.

Notable Locations

Most of Wellswood is comprised of peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

The Gilded Lady Taphouse
Castle Issakainen
The Footsore Wanderer
Toll Booth
Wheels & Wagons
Tuomi’s Outfitters
The Boot & Wheel
The Angry Badger
Travellers’ Rest
Lake Thraren
Don Galir


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