Below you will find some useful links for 5E D&D, my favorite edition (Classic D&D) and anything else D&D related.

Fifth Edition Resources

The official Dungeons & Dragons Website
Home of the World’s Most Popular Role-playing Game

D&D 5E Combat Encounter example video
An explanatory YouTube video of the way combat works. This is not just a group playing but an edited and animated video with good voiceovers.

How Spell Slots Work
An explanatory YouTube video of how the spell system works in 5E.

Old School Resources

The Dragonsfoot Forums
The premier spot online for the OOP versions of D&D. Regular contributors include some of the founding fathers of the game: Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, Steve Marsh and Jim Ward.

Classic D&D
A site run by Harmyn of Dragonsfoot containing a lot of information about the game. It also hosts Cab’s list of spells – a great collection of new spells for Classic D&D.

The OD&D Guild
A site dedicated to discussing Classic Dungeons and Dragons, original D&D and the various versions of Basic D&D. Also for fans of OD&Dities ezine.

The Acaeum
A site which details the publishing history of most of the “old school” Dungeons & Dragons products. It also lists current prices from eBay and other online sources.


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