Nestled in the foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks, the village of Winterhaven is the last real outpost of civilization between the Nentir Vale and the wilds of the Stonemarch. Winterhaven is a small town surrounded by a few miles of farmland and pastures.

Most residents of Winterhaven have never traveled beyond the village vale. The majority of villagers are farmers, though the walled heart of Winterhaven employs various craftspeople as well. Wagons occasionally head east down old King’s Road from Winterhaven to find trade with Wellswood, which lies two days away, or Fallcrest which is five days away. Sometimes wagons come into Winterhaven, causing the villagers to excitedly gather in the Market Square to hear news of the outside world and to buy new and exotic goods.

Winterhaven was settled a short before the collapse of the Nerath Empire, originally as an outpost. Soon a small and vibrant farming community developed around the outpost and it slowly grew into a small village under the protecton of Lord Padraig. After the collapse of the Nerath Empire, Winterhaven continued to be a marginally successful farming village, exporting a majority of their harvest to neighboring, less-fortunate villages and towns. The Padraig Family has led the population for many generations and continued to lead relatively wisely after the fall so no one has challenged their place in the community.

Winterhaven largely escaped the brunt of the Bloodspear War, yet they are no strangers to attack. Over the years Winterhaven has been besieged by kobolds, goblins and gnolls – yet has always prevailed.

Today, Winterhaven remains a small, successful farming village and a hub of trade and goods transport throughout the Nentir Vale.

1. Outer Gates and Walls – Open by day, closed and barred at night, the outer gate is always policed by at least two guards.

2. Wrafton’s Inn – A spacious inn and tavern, Wrafton’s serves as the local public house for the region. Like alehoues everywhere, Wrafton’s Inn offers beer, wine, and on occasion, spirits. Meals are served for those with the coin, and beds for travelers are available. A crowd of villagers gathers each night to drink, sing, gossip and play games of chance.

3. Market Square – Every other day carts and wagons gather in the square to sell their goods.

4. Stables – On market days these stables are filled with mounts and beasts of burden. Travelers can stable their mounts here for a modest price.

5. Smithy – A dwarf named Thair Coalstriker owns the local smithy.

6. Valthrun’s Tower – This five-story structure is the tallest building in Winterhaven and rumored to be over 300 years old. Valthrun, a sage and scholar, inhabits the top two levels.

7. Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe – Has a variety of standard goods and gear available. Occasionally dabbles in rare and exotic items.

8. Warrior Guild – Local militia headquarters.

9. Tenements – The large tenement structure features apartments for the village residents who don’t own farms or who work in the businesses within the village walls.

10. Temple – Several deities are worshiped in the large stone structure. Avandra, goddess of luck and change, is the most prominent.

11. Inner Gate – The inner gate is closed and guarded by two Winterhaven guards during the daytime.

12. Winterhaven Siege Supplies – Though it hasn’t happened in a couple of years, on occasion when Winterhaven comes under attack villagers seek refuge inside the walled keep and subsist on the supplies stored here.

13. Winterhaven Barracks – This military-style barracks is home to The Winterhaven Regulars.

14. Manor House – This grand manor house was built when Winterhaven was an outpost of the Nerath Empire. Currently the home of Lord Padraig, his wife and their four sons. It is a beautiful example of stone architecture in a village otherwise comprised of thatch and wood.


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